Posing with a Tiger is not cool it’s cruel!

Thousands of tourists are planning their holiday right now and on thousands of tourists wish list is a picture with a wild animal included. So many are still in total lack of awareness of the cruelty behind the scenes of these holiday snaps.

One such animal is the majestic tiger. The tiger is an endangered animal, with appr. only about 3000 left in the world.

Featured in holiday photos tigers goes through enormous suffering to be handled by tourists for their holiday snaps.

Please watch the video by click on the picture above, and learn the story behind the scene before you sign up for a picture.

If you want to help the tigers and the work with the preservation and survival of the tigers, or some other animal that is endangered, in the wild please click the picture below. The 1’st picture link takes you to the international WWF page where you will find further information in English.

The 2’d picture link takes you to the Swedish branch of WWF if you prefere information in Swedish.

Every time you consider doing something that hits the hesitation cord in you, ask yourself –
– Is this something I proudly can stand up for and show and tell about to my children, family and friends that I’ve done.
Is this something I support with my whole heart?

And remember- It is ok to Always be true to yourself and never do anything without love on your mind and in your focus no matter if you go against the common standards. That way we may one day become true humane humans that care with love and respect for one another regardless of religion, race, gender or species on this planet.

With all my love and respect no matter if you’re an animal, a plant or a human.

I agree with Gandhi – An eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind!
So please – Chose Love over violence, at all times!