Hi out there. Long time no see 🙂 been busy with life outside the
computer. Got so many
questions, thoughts and reflections on current happenings around the world swirling around in my mind that sometimes I get all overwhelmed by it all and just have to stop and regain balance.

so, closest to my heart is always the nature and everything living in it,
both animals, insects, plants, fish and of course us, the humans. So
when Natures Voice landed in my inbox I just need to share it because it
is such important information that concerns every person on this

Here’s the latest issue of Natures Voice from NRDC – Natures Resources Defence Counsil.

The magazine opens up in a new window.

So until next my beloved friends and foes, take good care.

Some last words to, perhaps, think about:

A good thing to think before saying or doing something is to ask your higher self..
What impact does my choice of what I say or do have. Is this positively beneficial for this receiver?
If it’s not, remember you always have the choice to do or to not do.

There are only two “have to(s)” in life:
One have to make choices and one have to live with the consequences of those choices.

Ahimsa my friends