They talk about earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano outbursts, tectonic movements, sky falls, flooding as natural disasters but in my opinion the humans are the by far largest and most dangerous natural disaster the planet Earth has ever experienced during its 4,54 billion years of roaming the space.

The humans, no matter where on the earth they live, really have to pull them selves together and realise that their greed for land, money, items, personal winning is what is the true cause of the Earths current state of being.

With that said I must give credits and love to all those who has already realised what is happening and are working towards a more peaceful coexistance between all the different types of lives on the planet.

The so called “modern” human must begin to turn their eyes towards our planets natives and learn from them. Those who still live in harmony with their environment and have all they need, not always necessarily all they want but all they need when it comes to clothing, food, housing and peace.

We, the modern human, need to begin to understand our needs and not confuse them with our wants. What we want is most often so far from what we need.