And I just wonder…..

” I wonder….Those fighting for their God in their Gods name, don’t they at all have to be responsible for their aggressive and deadly actions towards other people just because they aren’t doing the killing and torturing in their own name?
And I also wonder, are those people cowards? Because, instead of fighting in their own name they rather seem to drag their Gods name into the dirt of a devastating mutilating war just to have something to hide their own gruesome actions and violent nature behind.
Well….I’m just wondering….
Lisa.E.S Nov 2012 “

Why cover your face if you believe that what you’re doing is justified and right?
Why cover your face if you’re proud of your deeds?
Why cover your face if you have no fear of standing up for your believes?

What are you so afraid of?

Nothing grows in a garden watered with hate and ill will. Only outcome will be death and destruction.

Every one of us human beings living on this planet hava a choice.
We can chose to hate or we can chose to love.
This choice is up to each and every individual.
There are no excuses to not make that choice.
We can’t chose both and we can’t chose neither.

What’s your choice?

Only love can make good things grow, thrive and flourish.

Love is the only emotion that is stronger than hate.
Love is the only emotion in our hearts that can stand up for what is right without a covered face.
Unconditional love is the answer for peace!

The spirit of Love will never die as long as there are people who are willing to fight war and evil with peace and love.