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I believe in Now

Musik Posted on Thu, February 27, 2014 16:49:04

Click on the picture to open up the link that will bring you to the most beautiful lyrics about believing in the now smiley

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The power of Now – Olivia Newton John

Make it possible

Djur, Natur, Människor Posted on Thu, February 27, 2014 10:51:02

I’m back and full of new energy.
Perhaps it’s just the feel of the oncoming spring or the fact that I’ve got a very good and dear friend coming visiting by the end of march…or perhaps both 🙂 but I am full of vitality and lust to share this seemingly endless line of thoughts and insights that, without hesitation, runs through my brain and mind.

I have seen that readers and visitors at Ceciderunt Moenia comes from all over the world, from close and a far, from countries that triggers my imagination, makes me fantasize and dream and makes me want to visit and explore and get to know closer.
To have visitors and readers from all those wonderful distant corners of this planet is truly exiting and it makes me so happy. Thank you for that 🙂 <3

So therefore in regard of and to honour all of you I have decided to from now on write in English to make it easier for non-swedish speaking visitors to understand what I’m talking about.

Google translator, which I assume many uses, is a wonderful tool but oh dear gods the translations leaves a lot to wish for when it doesn’t take in consideration the different sentencing we have in our different languages and therefore some translations seem pretty much like pure non sense.

As English is not my native language I will right now on forehand apologize for possible bad sentence building, weird grammar, wrong spelling and so on so forth. Though, I do believe my English is better that the computerized translators.

So, with that said I start on a new today, my “vacation” is over.
I start on new but with the same topics though, about animals rights, humans right, the earth’s rights, politics…mainly the Swedish but I have no problem airing my views on foreign politics when I find it fit. The politicians sometimes seem to believe the people exist for them and not the other way around, they actually do work for the people.

I start my “back from vacation” rant with a small video, just 11 minutes long about animals right and how we all can Make It Possible if we work together global wise towards a more humane treatment of our dear animals.
I wonder what we would do if the animals treated us exactly the same way as we treat them. Both the ones still living in their shrinking wild habitats but even so more our animals living their short lives in factory farms just to end up as food.

Food of which a lot is thrown away due to several reasons, overproducing, meat goes bad, people order more than they can eat..f.ex in restaurants, people buy more than they can consume. The global waste of animal meat is horrific and without proportions, especially if we at the same time think of that 2/3’s of the earth’s population is living on or under the edge of extreme poverty and actual starvation.

My own contribution against this cruelty towards all those billion of animals who give their lives to keep the growing humanity fed is to….
…not eat anything two or four legged. And, to reassure myself that the fish I eat is fished with responsibility and isn’t red listed.
I do eat eggs, and on occasion I use dairy products… both the eggs and dairy I buy are organic. I also buy organic fruits and veggies when available.

When possible I chose Fair Trade produced products over the cheaper ones.

Cheap products that are being mass produced without any consideration for the workers, the animals, the earth and the environment and with one goal only, fast profit, are extremely expensive for the earth, the workers and everyone and everything living on this planet.

We can all educate ourselves to be able to make intelligent choices. There are no or few excuses to not be a responsible and considerate human being.

Making kind choices makes a happier and safer world for everyone!

Enjoy the video, it’s made by Animals Australia.

Click on the picture to open up Make It Possible a wonderful little film and song about FactoryFarmed Animals. If we all do it together we can make changes possible! It opens in a new window.

And…..Remember this – You are never alone –

If you believe you’re alone in your struggle for human and animal rights and you believe that what you do doesn’t matter and you think you’re too small and what you do wont show…First let me tell you…you are not alone, far from, so what you do is visible in the large. Without you the large would be so much smaller.

And secondly, if you think you’re too small and too insignificant and what you do wont make a difference you have never had a mosquito in your room a hot summers night 🙂

With all my love and consideration for all of you, no legged and two, four, six and eight legged crawling, walking, flying and swimming, large and small…. lives

It is possible to leave a comment, so please feel free to do so if feeling for it <3